Three Mayan women in The Lodge at Santa Fe

August 6, 2014

Unfortunately I’m writing these notes many days after the actual experience, but during the night of August 5, 2014, when I first arrived at The Lodge at Santa Fe, as I fell asleep (but was still awake), I became aware of three women in the room with me. They were small in stature, maybe five feet tall each, and had dark skin. I thought they might be Hispanic, but more likely American Indians.

As they approached me one of them asked if I knew who they were. Without thinking, the word “Mayan” just came out of my mouth. Unfortunately I don’t remember much else of what happened. I do remember that two of the three women came towards the bed, but after that I must have blacked out. If I can ever stay in this mental state for a long time, I think things will be very interesting.

A very unusual part of this experience is that this happened while I was vacationing with my family. We had two hotel rooms, and I was sleeping on the foldout couch in a large room, two of my sisters were in this room, and other family members were in a separate adjoining room.

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