The Exalted Shield (and other stories)

August 24, 2014

Some miscellaneous notes from the last week or so:

After having my own car problems (see Mulit-year car repair deja vu), I “knew” a friend of mine would also need a new car. I didn’t know why, I just “knew” it. Yesterday he wrote that he had totaled his car. (Again, what do you say to someone when you think you “know” something but can’t prove it, and don’t know the details?)

After a long hiatus, my vivid dreams and lucid dreams have returned lately, including a little flying.

I don’t remember the details from this morning’s dreams, but one in particular had to do with a movie I wanted to call, “The Exalted Shield.” It had to do with my mother being in two different timelines. In one timeline she is physically healthy but has some psychological issues, so I wish that she was different. So I’m shown a second timeline, and in this one she is psychologically healthy, but she dies at a young age from cancer. In this dream sequence we are back at my childhood home, and there is something about millions of bugs flying over a woman’s head. They keep swarming and forming patterns, somehow showing me/us things.

In dreams two days ago, while I was asleep I thought I was dreaming about Willie Nelson. At the time I knew of hundreds of songs he could sing at concerts, but I was working with one man in particular who felt strongly that we should have Willie play only two songs this particular evening, first a sad song called, Shut It Down, and then a happy/upbeat song called, A Jeep Life. He thought it was more powerful to play the sad song first and then finish with the upbeat song. During the dream sequence I kept thinking of Willie Nelson, but when I woke up I knew the person I was seeing in the dream was my first boss, a man from Texas named Frank.

There were many more dreams and stories than this, but these are the ones I remember at this moment. I’ve been exercising hard the last month, doing aerobic exercise, lifting weights, and practicing some yoga, and I assume (but don’t know) that this is why my dreams have returned on a regular basis.

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