September 13, 2014

I don’t want to give away too many details, but I had a vivid lucid dream of a family picnic last night. It was a bright, sunny day, and I knew several of the people who were there, though they looked quite a bit older than they look today. There were also several children running around that I didn’t know.

I was lucid to begin with, but then I suddenly realized that all of these family members were there in the dream, but I wasn’t there. (“I” the dreamer was there, but “I” the future me was not.) I began to think, and also to panic. I asked a man in the dream, “What year is it?”

“2032”, he said.

I thought more. “What day is it? Is this a special gathering?”

I can’t write the details of what he said because it would give away too many details that could affect the lives of others, other than to say that it was someone’s birthday.

I continued to realize that I wasn’t there in 2032 -- I assumed I was dead by then -- and the more I thought about this and panicked a little bit and was sad, I woke up.

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