On being laid off and compassion

October 27, 2014

After a fun series of flying dreams during the evening and early morning hours, I spent what felt like several hours going through the process of being laid off. The place I was laid off from was a variation of a place that I worked at in 1991-92. It seemed like I went through the entire process in real time, as I went from one step to another to another, etc., feeling the grief all the time.

After this happened and I woke up, I wondered what I had done to deserve that. Then I realized the last thing I thought before I went to bed: “Let me have compassion and forgiveness for all sentient beings.” Several nights a week I remember to say that to myself, and it seems like last night was a bit of a test.

Note: In the “dream analysis department”, one of the last things I remember before being laid off was flying around the ceiling of this place where I was laid off from. I flew over a lot of people, including one of the organization’s head honchos. I have no idea if that’s related to the dream, but I thought I should mention it. Also, a friend of mine was laid off from his job two weeks ago, and I spoke to him last Thursday evening.

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