Looking for people like me

February 2, 2015

If I’m being honest here, this is what I’m thinking: I have got to find new friends, people whose brains are wired like mine. It’s gotten to the point where it’s stupid to share stories with people on Facebook any more because they probably all think I’m crazy by now. I should be clear: I do appreciate the people who have stuck with me to this point, but I need to find someone who really knows what I’m talking about, who’s been there done that, or who’s at least in the same boat.

This has gotten to a point where it’s a very lonely trip; I wake up in the morning after something new, and there’s nobody to share that with. And so the search begins ... how do I find people who are wired like me? I need to find that out. (To be clear, I don’t dislike the old friends and Facebook friends, I just need someone I can talk with.)

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