I love the night life, I've got to yoga

February 4, 2015

One note from last night: I can’t remember too much about the evening (of dreaming), but there was a recurring dream about practicing yoga in a very different environment. Most of what I can remember is that it was a very crowded place, and I’ve been there many times before.

In a possibly related note, I was also in a “poor” neighborhood, and one of the last things I remember about that situation was being in a gas station, and the police were about to try to bust some drug dealers in a building next to us.

Finally, as a personal note, today begins Day 3 or 4 of the new lifestyle. (Depending on how you count; as it works out, the 2015 Super Bowl is the landmark day for me, which is nice because it’s easy to remember.) At some point I hope that counting days won’t matter, but for today, knowing that number is what it is.

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