A woman on a bus

February 6, 2015

After spending some time in a hospital, I was with a woman on a bus this morning. She was showing me some things that she had just purchased, and was telling me about her plans for later that day with great enthusiasm.

Then we noticed something was wrong; the bus driver had just cut someone else off, and the other person had to swerve to miss hitting us. We looked forward. The bus was driving in a straight line, straight off the road, onto a grass field, and before we could even react it went over a cliff and down a hill. Along with everyone else on the bus, we were killed.

As I came back to consciousness (after the darkness of my own death) I was able to replay the events in my head. I started by listening to the woman talking on the bus, but switched/moved my consciousness to the bus driver. At first he seemed okay, but then had a look of horror on his face. He grabbed his chest, and I assumed he had a heart attack. The rest was history, so I quit watching him, and woke up in my own bed.


I’m writing this many hours later, so I can’t remember everything in detail. A few things struck me. First, I felt horrible that this woman had made all these plans and then just a few moments later she was dead. (I don’t remember if she was my girlfriend or just a friend, but I know she was with me in the sequence just before this.)

Second, in a sequence just prior to this I had been speaking with a strong accent, something like an Australian accent. I kept trying to not speak that way, but every time I opened my mouth the words came out that way. After a little while I quit fighting it and just spoke that way.

Prior to that I had been in a hospital for several days. I don’t remember the details of that at all, other than knowing that something happened on the second day so they couldn’t treat me then, and then on the last day I received a number of shots.

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