Searching for Bridget Fonda

February 8, 2015

Some time after seeing the movie It Could Happen to You -- and after my wife and I were separated -- I started making notes about a book I wanted to write. I’ve always thought of the book name as “Searching for Bridget Fonda,” so if you ever find and search my computer, look for that name. ;)

Getting back to today’s thoughts ... lately I’ve been thinking about writing a book about a husband and wife who love each other deeply; he supports her in everything she does, and she supports him, they’re compatible in every way, real soul mates, but then one of them dies. The story isn’t about their love, but it’s about the question, “What happens to the survivor?”

As I thought about this I began to wonder, “Who were these people before they met? What was she like? What was he like? Were they both secure, or insecure? Maybe one of them was secure in their work, but insecure in their personal life? What do they like to do in their free time? What are their siblings like? Do they have siblings? How did they meet? When did they meet?”

I just started on this idea, but it occurred to me that the background of who these people were before they met is incredibly important to the story. (Their support system, the people around them, is also important, but at the moment I just wonder who these people are.)

(And that’s all I have for today.)

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