A basement with hidden compartments

February 10, 2015

For many years I’ve dreamt of a basement that has secret walls that move/open and hidden compartments. The basement is underneath a store of some sort, and I always assumed that someone lived in the hidden compartments, but I could never find who it was that lived down there, or find all of the compartments.

With my newfound ability to stay conscious most of the night, I found all of the compartments this morning, and I was stunned to learn that dozens of people lived in them. I was further surprised that I “knew” most of the people from previous dreams.

For instance, during the early part of this sequence I went down into the basement, saw some unusual things, looked around, but couldn’t find anyone. Then I came upstairs and everyone was like, “Oh, hi __, how are you? Have you had any luck finding anyone down there?” These people were all very nice to me, and as I mentioned, I knew them all from previous dreams.

But once I started making progress on finding more hidden compartments a few of them tried to kill me. One woman who had just been nice to me suddenly stabbed me in the arm with a syringe containing some sort of fluid. As she and her friends walked away, I fell to the ground and thought I might die.

I crawled on the floor and asked for help, and as I did this, two things happened. First, a few people came to help me. Second, I became more conscious/aware in the dream environment. I quickly became healthier. As I stood up, an advanced yoga instructor I met appeared before me, asking if I needed help. I told her no, I was fine now.


In retrospect this was like the scene in the original Matrix movie after Neo had been killed, and then rose from the dead. It was as though everyone learned that I wouldn’t/couldn’t die, so they gave up.

I went back to the basement and had everyone taken away. It was like the police were working for me now, and I just showed them where everyone was -- including the woman who stabbed me -- and they took them away.

After they were all taken away I walked and flew around the basement, and was amazed at the conditions in which these people had lived. I mean they had so little room to move around it was amazing. Plus, it was a basement, so it was dark and damp. As I did this I had reason to be more amazed: More people began showing up.

I didn’t have the police with me any more, but I told these people that the game was up, they were going to have to leave. I felt horrible about this; they were already living in these crappy conditions, so where would they go? But for some reason, even though I was very conscious/aware, I felt it was my duty to clear out this area.

Everyone knew they had to leave, and there was no fight in anyone. The hardest one to evict was a poor, skinny, sickly black woman. I tried to help her with her illness, but I’m writing this half a day later, and I can’t really remember how that ended.

Two other guys who I knew from previous dreams were jokesters, and one of them offered me a gift. When he gave it to me the other guy said it was from him, too, and we all laughed like we had been friends for a long time.

In the end I hugged most of the people as they left. After I hugged a big man, I felt like he was the last person down there besides me. I took a few moments to look around and let it sink in, and then I allowed myself to wake up. It was 5:50am, and my alarm was set for 6am.

I have no idea what this means, if anything, but if I keep progressing, I don’t think I’ll see those people or that basement ever again.

Earlier that morning

Earlier that morning I had a very troubling dream about family members. It was very vague, but it was dark. When I woke up I tried to interpret it, but as I’ve noted before, that’s extremely prone to error, so I quit doing that. (My mantra in these situations is “Observe and report,” because when you try to interpret what you see/hear/feel you inject your own feelings into it, and then all is lost.)

Even though I can’t be sure exactly what that dream was about, the “dark” feel of it made me wonder if I really want to “know” about these things, or if I should just drink wine or tequila every night to help block these things.

This afternoon

I’m writing this text at about 5pm on the day of these dreams. I had a painful dental procedure this morning, so I came home and took a nap, and when I did, it seems like the “dark” dream continued, or at least that’s my interpretation of it.

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