Conscious Dreaming

February 14, 2015

I suspect that a lot of people I talk with openly think I’m crazy because of what I experience. I don’t know why these things came to me so easily, but I try to tell people that there isn’t anything I’ve written that you want find in advanced Buddhist texts, or written by Buddhist teachers who are telling the full truth.

From just a little digging around, I’ve found similar discussions in the tantric/mystic aspects of other religions. I listened to part of “The Mystical Kabbalah” by David Cooper one time while driving around, and the beginning of that book is totally a Zen/Buddhist/Taoist discussion. As I’ve written here before, even the Bible mentions a “golden cord,” and most people who have had an OBE know what that refers to.

Skipping past all that ... I saw the cover of this book in a bookstore yesterday, and it made me smile. I’m always glad to see when other people do what I do, and they’re willing to talk about it.

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