See tomorrow, running away

February 15, 2015

I have been out of it all morning, a walking zombie. It was all I could do to get out of bed, do some chores, take a shower, and get to the grocery store. When I got back here I wanted to get some work done, but I knew my body wasn’t willing. I tried meditating for a while, hoping that would be enough, but finally went back to bed around 11:30am for what I hoped would be a short nap.

I slept for a little while, then woke up, thought about getting out of bed, but “knew” I shouldn’t. I rolled over onto my right side.


A quick local OBE happened. I didn’t panic, but for some reason I came right back to the body in bed and woke up.

I closed my eyes and another one happened. This time I moved around an apartment -- it wasn’t mine. In one area there was a horrible concentration of flying bugs, like hundreds or thousands of small mosquitoes, with things that looked like spider egg sacks on the walls. I got out of that area in a hurry. I ended up in a kitchen, still not my apartment. I don’t remember why, but I quickly came back to my own bed. I opened my eyes, then closed them again.

(Note: There’s sexual content in this paragraph. If that bothers you, please skip this one.) On the next OBE I floated away from the bed, but I knew right away that the room was wrong. Out of curiosity I turned back towards the bed to see what was there. I forced myself to open my astral body eyes (they weren’t very open at that point) and moved closer to the bed. In it was an old female friend of mine, masturbating. “I can help you with that, if you’d like,” I said, with an astral smile. “Yes, please,” she said, and I proceeded to give her a hand (focusing on her needs, thank you). Initially she asked a “Do you think we could have...” question related to our past, to which I replied, “You should really learn to focus on the here and now, especially now.” Sadly, I was pulled from that scene far too early and again woke up in bed, still in the same place, on my right side.

Multi-layered dream with live music

I closed my eyes again and found myself in a bar/restaurant. I was standing in a doorway between two rooms, a dark, old bar in front of me, and a small dining area with old, wooden tables behind me.

A woman in her 20s or 30s was sitting at the bar, in the last seat, closest to me, strumming a guitar, and singing. Although I didn’t know it, I was in a multi-layered lucid dream, so I was a little out of it from an awareness perspective, and began searching for a piece of paper and something to write with, so I could write down the lyrics to the song.

(To try to clarify this, some part of me thought I was awake, so I wanted to try to write down the lyrics on a real, physical sheet of paper. Somehow I thought/knew the woman was part of a dream I was observing. I was lucid; I could do anything I wanted to do. I could have sat there and listened to the whole song, ordered a beer, whatever, but some part of me was confused about my state of awakeness, and I thought that writing down the lyrics there would somehow be helpful here ... I confused ‘there’ and ‘here’ at this point.)

I found some scraps of paper to write on, but every pen was too dry, and to make things more difficult, another woman kept trying to talk to me. I kept rudely ignoring her until she left; I knew I had to concentrate to try to remember the song lyrics. I wish I knew how to describe music, but I don’t. The song was relatively upbeat/fast-paced, a little like a Melissa Etheridge song (Like the Way I Do), and the main lyric I clearly remember is:

See tomorrow, running away.

I think some words just before that were:

Why don't you just stay?

And the line after the "See tomorrow" line began with one of these word combinations:

Feel tomorrow ...

Come tomorrow ...

Love tomorrow ...

Much later another line was:

You say it, I see it.

I think other senses like “feel” and “taste” followed that line, something like this:

You say it, I see it.

..., I taste it.

..., I feel it.


Putting it all together ...

I think the “See tomorrow” phrase was the beginning of the chorus, so in total it went something like this:

Why don't you just stay? ... (music pace picks up)
(end of a verse)

See tomorrow, running away.
Come tomorrow, ...

(some time later)
You say it, I see it.

..., I taste it.

..., I feel it.

I just remembered that the word “astray” was also in the chorus, but I don’t remember if it was immediately after the "See tomorrow" line, or a little later.

I’m sorry I can’t remember more of it, I really like that song. Some songs sound good when you’re asleep, but then when you wake up it’s like you can’t make it sound as good as when you’re asleep, but when I really did wake up in my own bed and wrote down the lyrics I thought, “This is good.”

Feel free to google those lyrics. I just did, and you won’t find them in any song currently known to man. Well, any man but this one. ;)

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