That familiar sucking/whooshing sound

March 9, 2015

I was surprised that at about three o’clock this morning, even with an extremely upset digestive track, the familiar whooshing/sucking sounds started. I was laying on my right side, but had a pillow behind my back and had leaned back onto it so my torso was somewhere around a 30-45 angle on the bed. The sucking sound would start and I’d feel my consciousness leaving my body, then I’d come back to my body, then start again, etc., etc., etc.

Unfortunately something on the other side had that “evil” feel to it, and once I had that feeling I fought against having on OBE. As it kept happening over and over again, I finally got up and walked around a little bit. It was clear that someone or something on the other side felt malicious. After walking around for a little while I was able to go back to sleep without the sucking sounds.

The other interesting thing I can remember about the night is that a cousin that I’ve only seen once since the 1970s was in a dream this morning; I thought that was weird. Other than that the night was uneventful, primarily because of the problem in the digestive tracks.

At this point I hope the GI problem is related to an antibiotic I’ve had to take lately (because of an infection). I read last night that GI problems are a main side effect of the medicine, so that’s my best hope. I thought I was feeling a little better yesterday morning (Sunday), but after I ate a little lunch I started to feel sick again.

P.S. - See this link for a list of stories I’ve written about the sucking/whooshing sound.

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