On knowing the future, and discussing it

March 20, 2015

This morning it seems like I was given a glimpse about why you shouldn’t tell people anything about their futures.

I was in a dream, and a bunch of teenagers were going out to celebrate something, like a high school graduation or prom. Some time later they all came running back in as a storm was pouring down rain on them.

I was doing some PK things like bending spoons, and then moved from that to melting all sorts of silverware and other items.

At some point someone gave me a piece of fabric that was wrinkled from the rain and drying. So I put one hand on each side of the fabric, pressed them together, and then released them. When I did so, I pressed the wrinkles out of the fabric, but I also left a temporary impression, an image in the fabric. I had no idea this would happen, so I was as amazed as anyone else when it happened.

I kept doing this until one image was very clear. It showed two young women, and the impression was that they had just been married. They were both very pretty, and seemed very happy, but I had no idea who they were. As I turned to look around me, everyone was looking to my left. I turned to my left and saw one of the girls. I had no idea she was behind me; I had never seen her before.

The girl was looking down, sheepishly, maybe even embarrassed. When I saw her reaction I felt bad for what I had done. I didn’t mean to cause any problems for anyone. And while the girl seemed shy or embarrassed, her mother was distraught, yelling at me for even insinuating that the girl was a lesbian.

But then an interesting thing happened. The scene I showed seemed to have lifted a weight off of the girl’s shoulders. She looked up, smiled, and asked if I knew who the girl was. She was beaming now, and kissed me on the cheek, and then walked away, with a bounce in her step.

I felt good for that, but I also felt bad that I had showed her an image of the other girl. I felt like this would take the surprise out of meeting the other girl, and would also put pressure on their meeting. In retrospect, if I had done anything, I wish I could have told the girl that I saw her being married to another woman, and left it at that. That would have left the element of surprise there, while also helping to reveal her secret. But I didn’t have that choice. I had no control over the situation, and indeed, had no idea that she was sitting behind me.

After the girl got up and bounced away, her mother kept yelling at me, but that wasn’t a big deal. Personally, I was more concerned with the issues I just described. I assumed that the girl and her mother would work out the situation over time. But this made me think that any time I think I know anything about the future, it would be best to just keep that knowledge to myself.

Other notes

In regards to the dream sequence I just described, I have no idea who the girl was, or what inspired this dream. There’s nothing I can think of in the last 48 hours that would have led to this. (I do know who the other young people were.)

One other unusual thing happened in a dream sequence just prior to this one. I was in a dream, and I kept looking for a bathroom. When this happens it usually means that my physical body has to go to the bathroom, so I always take this as a sign to wake myself up so I can take care of this.

But this morning this happened and after I woke myself up, I found that I didn’t have to go to the bathroom. Thinking I might be wrong, I got up and walked to the bathroom, but, nothing. I sat there for a few moments and wondered what this was about, but couldn’t make any sense of it, and went back to bed. I still have no idea what that was all about, other than that it gave me a chance to wake up, take a break, and get away from that dream sequence, which allowed the PK sequence to start.

In other news, the dreams I had about my mother over the last few months were validated with a conversation I had with one of my sisters earlier this week. I don’t want to get into the details, other than to say that the dreams were accurate. When I’m healthy enough to have these experiences, there often/always seems to be a connection to my mother, where I know when there’s a problem.

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