Tested for a blood clot

March 28, 2015

On a personal note, I woke up this morning to a sharp pain at a very specific point in my left calf. I hadn’t done anything unusual or different lately, so this was quite a surprise. As the pain continued, and after talking to two nurses and recounting the fact that I had sat in a car for eight hours just a few days ago, I was told it would be best if I went to the ER to be tested for a blood clot.

Fortunately the tests showed that I did not have a blood clot. Unfortunately they didn’t show what the problem was, but not having a blood clot was very good news, so I’m happy with that.

Because of all of the delays involved in going to a hospital, I did get to meditate for several hours, so that was nice. I have been able to tell the after-effects of that all afternoon and evening. I’m certain I could have had an OBE this afternoon if I wanted to, and my attention/awareness has been very high all day.

There is no conclusion to this story, I just wanted to note these things for myself.

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