The mental state of counting beads on a mala

June 4, 2015

Note: This post is from a couple of paragraphs I posted on Facebook a few days.

A couple of weeks ago a woman showed me how to count prayer beads on a Buddhist mala. It struck me that the state of mind when doing this was almost identical to my state of mind when pitching when I was younger, and I thought, “Ah, maybe that’s why my brain is the way it is.”

Background: For at least four years straight I threw about 5,000 baseballs a year, maybe 10,000 or more. I was taught to always repeat my mechanics and throw at a target, so the practice was as much mental as physical, like yoga in a way.

(Comment) Or ... is my brain in this lifetime the way it is because my soul chose this birth because I could see before birth that this incarnation would take this path, or ... the same thing, but instead of my soul choosing this birth, it was a result of my past karma?

(Comment) And if any of that is true, did I peer into life here and see a dad who wanted a son to play baseball, or a young boy throwing thousands of baseballs against a wall? (Or, is it all just really random?) Quite a rabbit hole ...

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