Seeing pure evil

June 4, 2015

During my last two years in college I worked as a bartender in a nightclub in a Hilton hotel. To this day — many years later — it remains the most fun I ever had while working.

Except for evening.

On that day I came to work at around 4pm, as usual. At this time the bar was usually pretty quiet, with just a few early birds showing up. At some point, I don’t remember exactly when, a man walked into the bar. He should have just looked like some businessman in his 30s or 40s, but as soon as I saw him something told me that he was pure evil.

I tried to avoid him for a while, but within 10 or 15 minutes we were trying to fight each other across the bar, me on one side of the bar and him on the other. A friend of mine pulled me away from him, and I think someone was pulling him away as well, though I really don’t remember who that was for sure.

What I do remember is that my friend pulled me away, and the manager of the nightclub told me (ordered me) to go to a break room we had in the back of the hotel, a couple of hundred feet and two closed doors away from the sceen. My friend walked with me, and as we were walking he asked, “Do you know who that guy is?”

“The devil?,” I asked.

“No, dickhead, he’s the manager’s drug dealer. Stay away from him.”

I don’t remember too much about the rest of the evening, other than the part where they kept me in the break room for a long time. One of the waitresses brought me dinner at one point, and said something like, “I appreciate what you did. Just don’t get yourself killed.” A few other people stopped in the break room and said things like, “I heard what happened, wow,” and that sort of thing. I hadn’t been in a fight since my senior year in high school, but for some reason I went right after that guy.

Some time later that evening the guy must have left and I went back to work, I do remember that much. In retrospect I’m a little surprised that my manager didn’t fire me, but he didn’t. Maybe he didn’t want to go down that road, I don’t know.

What I do know is that when I saw that guy — his drug dealer — I saw pure evil.

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