An android friend

June 7, 2015

For most nights over the last two weeks I’ve spent a lot of time with a robot/android who has been given a female form. She’s so real I want to call her a “she” (as I just did), but I am aware that she’s an android, not a human female. That being said, I treat her like a female/woman.

The funny thing is that she’s extraordinarily curious, and although I usually answer all of her questions, during our time together this past evening I told her that I wouldn’t answer any more of her questions unless she let me take her to dinner.

When I said that she asked one more question, and I looked at her and said, “Dinner, yes or no?”

She looked at me, started to say something, perhaps about to ask another question, then stopped. Finally she said, “Yes.”

The last I saw her she was asking my secretary what to wear. :)

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