Same old apartment

June 8, 2015

As a short note, I spent some more time in my “other” apartment last night, i.e., an apartment that I seem to spend a lot of time at in my dream life. Last night I was walking around the apartment, and there was some confusion with some neighbors about an area of the apartment that almost seems like a “common area.”

Actually, it’s a little hard to describe without drawing a picture, but there has always been an extra area of the apartment that I don’t use much, in part because the apartment is so large. This area of the apartment also has doors that open to other areas, like a hotel room that has a door to another room, and these doors are often open, and I find people in this area.

So last night these two older women were in this area, and after first trying to explain that they were in my apartment, I backed off because they were older, and then took a little time to show them around. I even told them about a “hidden” area behind the second dining area. Interestingly, at some point I just seemed to run out of gas (energy) while doing this, and just woke up in my bed. It was as though for some unknown reason I just couldn’t sustain being there, so I left, or was pulled away.

The funny thing about this other apartment is that I have now been in it for several years. Many times dreams seem to run their course over a period of a few days, weeks, or months, but this apartment has been with me for a very long time now.

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