Thinking about moving to Providence

June 8, 2015

Lately I’ve been thinking about moving to Providence, Rhode Island to live at the Providence Zen Center. The have a nice residence program there, and I’m not aware of anything like that anywhere near where I live.

I know the discipline involved in living there would be good for me, but I don’t know if my body can hack it. I used to just have arthritis problems with my back and neck that made meditating for 11+ hours a day a horribly painful experience, and over the last two months I was in the hospital six times for another condition.

My current plan is to start getting up earlier and chanting and meditating every morning, just like things would be if I lived at the PZC. I also need to see if I can meditate for long stretches (many hours), so I’ll try doing that during my off days.

Honestly, I don’t have much confidence that this body can hack that grind, but I’m going to give it all I have -- including a lot of yoga and maybe some tai chi -- in an effort to see if my body can do it. Then, if I feel like my body can make it, I’ll have to decide about moving there.

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