A purpose to visions?

June 18, 2015

I have to admit, I’m feeling a little discouraged and confused today. About four weeks ago I had a dream/vision where a relative was clearly having a physical problem, and earlier this week one of my sisters confirmed that this person has cancer. In my dream/vision I didn’t see this person having cancer, but I clearly saw them in distress in the area where the cancer has been found.

I guess my problem is, “What do you do with this information if you see it early?” In some cases I can see where it can be helpful; you can suggest that the person get to the doctor asap. But in other cases -- even in this case -- the message isn’t clear enough to tell anyone exactly what to do. These visions come to mind:

I suspect that I can write 20-50 instances like this if I dig through the notes, but again, what’s the purpose? Why see these things if they aren’t clear enough to do something about them?

The only case I can think of where I may have helped someone is when I saw a man die during the Christmas holidays of 2014. I “knew” he was going to die because of a particular situation, so I told a person who could affect that situation. About 7-10 days later everything else happened in my dream/vision as I saw it, but the man didn’t die, maybe because of what I did.

If I can help people like that, that’s cool, but if I see things that I can’t help, I don’t understand the purpose.

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