Pure precognition

July 26, 2015

Several years ago I stayed at the Tibetan Cultural Center for a few nights. They have some little “retreat cottages” at the end of a dead-end road where you can stay. Actually, it’s not a dead-end road, per se. The cottages are at the end of a small road that runs on the property grounds. It’s the only road on the grounds, and it begins at the entrance to the property, and ends at these cottages, though there is a sign a few hundred yards before the cottages that tells non-residents to turn around, i.e., they shouldn’t drive down to the cottages because that would disturb the residents.

As I started to say, the end of the road by the cottages isn’t really a dead-end; instead it forms a circular loop (like the letter “P”). Four cottages are lined up along the right side of the loop, and in the middle of the loop there’s a house where the Dalai Lama’s older brother used to live. He passed away a few years ago, but he also founded the TCC, and lived in this house in the middle of the loop. To drive to a cottage you would go down this road and follow the loop to the right, and park in front of the cottage you were assigned to. When you left you would drive around the circular loop -- around the house in the middle of the loop -- and then drive back out the road you came in on.

The reason I mention all of this is that this is a very secluded area, so the cottages make for a nice, quite retreat place. Unless you choose to walk back to the common area, the only other people you should ever see are people staying in the cottages, which generally should not be any more than three other adults in the area. I never choose to speak to any other residents as they might be there for a silent retreat (no talking at all), but on two occasions other people have come up to me and said “Hello,” and I have had short conversations with them. I prefer a silent retreat myself, but I will talk to other people if they initiate a conversation.

So one night I’m sleeping in one of the cottages and I have a very realistic vision of being in the cottage when it’s light outside, and then I hear a loud group of children outside. I open the blinds on the front door and I see this group of children walking by my car, which is parked out front. They are being quite loud, and some are waving sticks in their hands. They are walking from the left to the right as I see them, i.e., from the common area to the end of the circular loop.

In the vision I decide that this couldn’t possibly happen in the real world, so I wake myself up. When I’m awake I concur with what I thought in the vision, there should never be any children in this area, period. So I go back to sleep.

Of course about 12 hours later that exact thing happens. I’m in the cottage, I hear a lot of noise outside, I open the blind and see a group of loud children walk past my car from left to right, some waving sticks.

I would later learn that if you keep walking past the end of the loop, there is a small pond, and presumably the children were walking to that area. But at the time of this event I didn’t know about this pond. And even then, no self-respecting parent would allow their children to walk in this quiet retreat area.

The reason I mention that is that there is no possible way I could have had a preconceived notion of a group of loud children walking in this area. This is one of the examples of “precognition” that I will always stand by. In many cases it seems plausible, or at least possible, that I knew of something beforehand that would create what appears to be a precognitive vision, but in this case, I believe this is an example of pure precognition.

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