Frozen monk

July 29, 2015

As I’ve noted several times over the last few months, I am having problems remembering my dreams like I used to be able to. Hopefully this is just related to current health issues, but cutting to the chase as far as how today is concerned ... as I was walking on a treadmill just now, I read a passage about a monk meditating in cold weather, and as I did, I recalled a dream from last night.

In the dream I was walking in the cold, on a mountain, and came upon a monk who was meditating. He was only wearing light clothing, and as he turned and looked at me, he looked like something that had frozen and thawed and frozen again in a freezer, with ice crystals all over him. But he smiled at me, and didn’t appear to be cold at all. After that I can’t remember anything else about our encounter. But I specifically remember being on a mountain path, snow all around us, extreme cold, and him appearing to being frozen but actually not being cold at all.

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