A strong desire to have an OBE whilst working

August 18, 2015

Last night I set everything up as well as I could to have an OBE, or at least some lucid dreams. I ate well, drank no alcohol, was fairly well rested, practiced yoga for a little while in the evening, and even took a hot bath. But then during the night ... nothing.

Of course now it’s 10:30am and I can tell that my body is ready to have an OBE right now, but alas, I need to get some work done.

Once you’ve had some OBEs you know the feeling, it’s like you’re more outside of your body than in your body, and that’s the way I’ve been feeling for the last thirty minutes or so. The feeling usually lasts for a few hours, so with a little luck I may be able to try for some OBE excursions after lunch time.

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