Brain slowly coming back (Jordan Spieth first pitch)

September 2, 2015

After my previous stories I was going to post another story about sexual temptations whilst married today, but seeing that my brain’s precognitive abilities may be coming back a little bit, I thought it was better to write about that.

The latest dream coincidence is that two nights ago I dreamed about professional golfer Jordan Spieth throwing out the first pitch at a baseball game. I know nothing about Mr. Spieth, other than I’ve heard his name a lot this year, so I assume he’s one of the best golfers out there. (I’m sure he’s one of the top two or three golfers. I also know the names of Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, and Rory McIlroy, but I don’t know many other names.)

In the dream Mr. Spieth he was wearing shorts, had a white shirt that wasn’t tucked in, and he jogged after throwing the ball. To my surprise he threw the ball left-handed. I had never heard whether he was left- or right-handed, so in the dream I remember thinking what a surprise that was; I assume that most golfers are right-handed unless you hear that someone like Phil Mickelson is a lefty.

I just went to espn.com this morning and saw what really happened last night:

I don’t pay any attention to the Red Sox either, so I had no idea he was scheduled to do this.

Trying to quantify this

I’ve been trying to think of how to quantify this. That is, how can I think about the odds of this statistically?

The facts are: I knew Mr. Spieth’s name, and knew he was having a good year, because I had heard his name. I had no idea what he looked like; whether he was left- or right-handed, though my assumption would have been right-handed; whether he was caucasian or some other race; that he had any interest in baseball; and I have no idea how to quantify the part of him wearing shorts and a white, untucked shirt.

I think the odds against dreaming about this and then having it happen within 24 hours, and then seeing it about 12 hours after it happened must be pretty astronomical, but again, I have no idea how to quantify it.


The notes I can think to add at this time are:

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