Strobe lights

September 27, 2015

After being on the road for more than two weeks (while also living with a pain on the right side of my head that has been bothering me since late July), when I got home this week I decided to let myself sleep as much as I wanted/needed in order to feel better. (To be less of a grouch.)

As a result of this, last night I laid in bed for a while, unable to fall asleep. I was very well-rested by this time, so it took a while before I even felt tired. As I laid there for a long time with my eyes closed, waiting to fall asleep, a “strobe light” effect suddenly started in my right eye. My eyes were closed, so this was bizarre. If you’ve read this blog before, you know that bizarre things happen to me on many nights, so rather than panic, I first checked to make sure I was still awake, and I was. The next thing I tried to do was to just observe what was happening.


As I paid attention to it, the strobe light effect continued. I observed that it only appeared on the right side of my head, so I assumed it was some sort of effect related to my right eye. The light was very bright, not dim at all. I tried to count how many times it was flashing per second, and my best guess was around five flashes per second. (This is hard to do. You have to count to yourself something like “One thousand and one” to mimic the length of one second, while simultaneously counting the number of flashes you see during that time.) I made two efforts to count the frequency, and decided that it was close to five, and that would have to be good enough. It might be four or it might be six, but it was in that area.

The light kept flashing like this for about thirty seconds. It may have been twenty seconds, it may have been 45 seconds, but I don’t think it went on for a full minute. As the light stopped I’ll guess that it faded away in about 1-2 seconds, meaning that I could tell that it had changed, and then it quickly faded away and then stopped.

After it stopped

After the event stopped, I laid there, still unable to fall asleep. I thought about what this might mean. Then I thought about the movie Phenomenon and what seeing a bright light meant in that movie, and I decided not to think about that any more.

About 10-15 minutes later the light show started again, but it was weaker and shorter this time. Once again I let the show play out to see where it might go, but again it just went away, stopping after maybe 20-30 seconds this time.

Some time after this I fell asleep. When you’re used to lucid dreams, OBEs, seemingly switching between two different worlds with a matter of thought, and waking up in other people’s bodies, a little strobe light won’t keep you from getting some sleep. ;)

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