Brain and brain

October 3, 2015

With a little luck I may find out next week what has been going on with my head lately. Nine weeks ago I used to say, “I have a headache,” but lately I have come to say, “I have a pain in my head.” That may not sound too different, but doctors jump to conclusions when you say you have a headache. In my case I’ve had a pain in the top-right part of my head for nine weeks, and as I told the doctor this morning, when it’s at its worst it feels like someone is trying to balance a bowling bowl on a particular spot in my head, or more accurately, it’s like they’re even adding force to that, trying to push the bowling ball through that spot in my head/skull.

(As a related note, I got hit in the head in this same area several years ago, and the pain is very similar to what it was like when that happened.)

After some issues lately of dizziness, spilling things, and having problems with my balance/coordination, doctors are going to do an MRI next week. As I told the doctor, I don’t know if something is causing both the pain and these other symptoms, or if the pain just gets so bad that I have these other problems, but hopefully we’ll know more after the MRI.

Until I/we know more I’ll keep doing what I have been trying to do for the last few years — trying to pay attention to each moment, and let the moments string themselves together however they will. As one Zen Master said, “Don’t expect the next moment,” and that’s how I generally try to live, though I can’t say that I always succeed.

Follow-up note: My doctor called late Friday to tell me that she wants me to take 40mg of prednisone daily until I have the MRI, so I started that on Saturday.

October 8, 2015

I took the prednisone for five days, but the pain never went away completely. Saturday through Tuesday the effects were basically the same as taking ibuprofen, except that on Tuesday morning I was sick, like I had a cold or the flu. Fortunately that feeling passed. Monday and Tuesday nights the pain was very bad, but then Wednesday was generally a good day. This morning (Thursday) the pain came back at full force, and I took some ibuprofen a little while ago. My MRI has been scheduled for early next week.

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