Intellectual intercourse

October 25, 2015

One of my favorite lyrics of any song ever is from the Alanis Morissette song, “All I Really Want,” and it goes like this:

And all I need now is intellectual intercourse,
A soul to dig the hole much deeper.

One reason I like this line is that it’s just damn smart. Another reason I like it is the whole “kindred spirit, soul mate” thing.

A third reason — and possibly the most relevant reason for this blog post — is that since my wife and I have been separated, I have been in several situations where I’ve been with married women and had really long, deep conversations with them. In a few cases that I know of, the women went home and had sex with their husbands, and I’d later get to hear about how wonderful the sex was. (Read into that whatever you want to. Whatever I’m thinking is in there somewhere.)

If you’re interested, you can find the complete song lyrics at this azlyrics.com link.

I will add one more thing here: I’d put Ms. Morissette in the “Top 5” of “People I’d be interested in having a long conversation with.” Her song lyrics are very intelligent, her style is unique, and she really seems to get lost into her performances.

(I’ve written a few things about Ms. Morissette’s work before, including My interpretation of the Alanis Morissette song, Thank You.)

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