Good ‘upbeat’ funeral songs

October 29, 2015

While I’ve been in the hospital nine times so far this year — and probably have at least two more trips coming up — I hope I’m not going anywhere just yet. But as I was just thinking about updating my will, the song, “Thank You For Being a Friend” by Andrew Gold came to mind. I think it would be an excellent song to play at the end of my funeral:

Many years ago when I was first studying Zen and got sick, I thought the song “Circle Game” by Joni Mitchell would be good at a funeral — the whole “circle of life” thing — but now I think that’s way too depressing.

These days I’m just grateful for the good friends I’ve met in this lifetime, and I wouldn’t want to bring people down with a song like that. (I don’t even listen to it myself any more.)

A few more good songs

Just looking at my music collection, here are a few other potentially good songs:

Some of those are a stretch, but I just looked through my music collection and saw them.

Their music collection

Update: It might be even better to play songs from the deceased person’s iTunes/music collection, especially their highest-rated songs. What better way to know a person (and to acknowledge them) than to know their favorites songs and how they are organized?

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