Making a sport (or game) of meditation

November 5, 2015

A nice thing about non-religious meditation is that on days like today — when I’d rather sip margaritas on a beach than meditate — you can make a game of it.

One “sport” is to try to “bust some vibrations.” The idea is that you sit in your normal meditation posture, and when you feel something, such as a pain, an itch, a momentary tingle, or even a breeze on your skin, you count it. In fact, you count them as fast as you possibly can. (This makes a sport of a meditation technique known as “noting.”)

The sport I used today was to use a stopwatch to see how long I could go taking only one breath in and out. Years ago the best I could do was about two breaths a minute, and these days I can go well over a minute on one breath cycle.

These techniques don’t feel like they accomplish much on days like today — I’d still rather have the margaritas — but over time they do help.

Yours in meditation and margaritas.

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