Feeling “tired” leads to lucid dreams (and more)

November 9, 2015

A lot of times for me, when I feel “tired” for an extended period of time, what it really means is that if I lay down for a while, I will experience lucid dreams and OBEs. As just one more example of this, I noticed yesterday that I had that feeling, and when it persisted until today, I decided to take an extended nap this afternoon. For about 2.5 hours I then got to have all sorts of fun in lucid dreams, and a little while after I woke up the “tired” feeling was gone.

For a lot of people feeling tired like this may just be a normal state of not getting enough sleep, but I’ve had plenty of sleep lately, so I knew this was something else.

FWIW, the way this usually works is this:

I don’t know why these things work the way they do, but some time within the last three or four years I picked up on this, and when time permits, I do what I just described. It doesn’t cost anything, and it’s always more fun than going to the movie theater. :)

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