Telekinesis, stopping clocks, and Marcus

December 22, 2015

During a dream this morning I thought I was myself here on Earth, i.e., the same guy writing this story right now, but I was able to perform all sorts of telekinesis magic, such as moving inanimate objects with my mind. Later, when I tried extremely hard, I was able to make the hands on clocks stop, and then with even more effort — which I didn’t think was possible — I was able to make the hands move backwards. I didn’t know if I was actually reversing time, but I could make the hands move backwards, something I had never attempted before.

As the dream went on I became more and more lucid, but I still thought I was “me,” and I thought I was awake. Everything was just as real as this computer and keyboard and this air. Several family members were with me including my brother-in-law, his daughter, and my second-oldest niece.

I had perspired quite a bit during the process of reversing several clocks, so I decided a shower was in order. But when I went into the bathroom and looked in the mirror, the thing that was looking back at me was hideous. In the middle of that face was my face, but the entire head was much larger and bloated and wrinkled, like that stone guy in the Fantastic Four movies.

Worse than that, there was a large flap of skin on the top of the head. It was attached on one side of my head, so I gently picked it up to have a look at it, and it was some sort of thick, raw, exposed skin, an extra flap that laid across the top of my head. Seeing it and touching it made me want to vomit.

I was very wide awake within the dream at this point and I thought, “If this is really me, this is horrible! I’m going to look at my right hand, and I hope to god that there will be more or less than five fingers on it.” At first I counted five fingers, and began to panic, but then there were six, and then eight. Okay, cool, I’m asleep.

Unfortunately at this point I couldn’t wake up. Normally I’m in a dream and I think, “Okay, that was fun, but I want to wake up now,” and usually it happens pretty fast, but this time, nothing happened. So I fought and fought until after some long struggle I woke up in my own bed.

I laid in bed briefly, thinking how glad I was that the dream wasn’t real. I had never done that sort of thing with a clock in a dream before, so that was cool, but the guy in the mirror was hideous indeed.


I didn’t move in bed too much, and closed my eyes, stayed awake, and let the dreams restart while I was awake. Very quickly another dream — which I would soon remember was a recurring dream — began.

It was about a young man named Marcus. He wasn’t evil, but he was extremely prone to violence. He wouldn’t necessarily attack other people, it was more like he was schizophrenic, and didn’t believe anyone but me, and he barely trusted me at that. He didn’t really attack people, but was always ready to defend himself with violence because he thought everyone was out to get him.

I noted that this was a recurring (or more accurately, “ongoing”) dream, that I had played scenes like this before but couldn’t remember them until now, but I didn’t like it, and opened my eyes. I don’t know how I knew Marcus, but in this sequence he didn’t even trust me, and I was trying to calm him down.

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