Jumpers and aliens

January 10, 2016

Last night a dream began with me watching an enormous swarm of small ships flying above the ground near me, and then moving up into the sky, as if they were all leaving. I moved closer to see what was happening, and a few of the ships spotted me and came near me. When they did I could see that they were taking away some animals. I saw a few dogs, and at least one large animal that I thought was a bear. The animals, especially the bear, seemed to be drugged so they wouldn’t resist.

I don’t remember how I got to my next point, but the next thing I knew I was in a building somewhere. Some humanoids wanted to know what I was doing out there. Someone on my left then injected something into my neck. I didn’t know what it was, but I assumed that it was meant to knock me out. Instead what it did was piss me off, and I reached up with my left hand and pulled the thing out of my neck. It felt like a small dart or stone, and I grabbed it with my fingertips and yanked it out. It was as though it didn’t go all the way into my neck for some reason, or as I would soon learn, perhaps I “willed” it out of my neck.

As soon as I did that, someone behind me started to do something similar behind me, and instinctively I shouted “No!” very loud, like I was now fighting for my life. As I did this I got angry, had a brief memory that I was in a dream state and that I could do magical things here, and I shut all of these people down, at least as much as I could. The two people trying to inject me became disabled and fell to the ground, and at least for a few moments everyone else was in an immobile state.

I turned around and saw that I was facing a large metallic door, something like you would see in the future, like in a Star Trek episode where they have large doors in whatever they call their cargo areas. As I began thinking about how to escape, architectural images of the building I was in began flashing in my head, as if showing me a way to escape. Those were extremely interesting, but they didn’t help with the problem of the door. It felt like time was running out for me, and I had the intense thought, “I want to be on the other side of this door!,” and in the next instance I was. As I would think of it later, it was like the movie Jumper, where I just had to think very hard of where I wanted to be, and I would instantly be transported there.

The immediate problem with this is that there were a lot of people on the other side of the door, so as soon as I got there I was in trouble again. As I tried to think of what to do, I thought of how I just got past that door. I raced in my mind to think of somewhere I wanted to go, somewhere I could jump to, and once I had a good spot in mind I willed myself to get there. It worked. When I opened my eyes I was in an old building where I used to work when I was younger.

I quickly became concerned that they would either follow me here (somehow), or know that I had jumped here, so after a few moments I decided to jump to another spot, and then another. After five total jumps I decided/hoped that that would be enough, that if they had some technology to find me, hopefully they wouldn’t be able to follow all of those jumps.

I might have been safe for quite some time, but I decided that I couldn’t just let these aliens get away with what they were doing. Buoyed by my confidence in my jumping skills, I worked my way back to that facility. I eventually found a guy I saw the first time, someone who looked like a young Morgan Freeman with a few alien features. He was on the ground and in quite a bit of distress when I got to him. I don’t know if they thought he was a traitor or what happened, but he was about to die. I yelled at him, “How many ships?” I must have said something like “60,000” myself, and he replied, “No, more like 6,000.”

He quickly passed out or died, and I knew I was about to be in trouble, so I jumped, then jumped and jumped again. But I wasn’t finished. I wasn’t jumping to flee permanently, just so I could go somewhere safe, regroup, and come back again.

Once I thought of what to do, I came back to some people who were with me early in this sequence. As I write this now I don’t remember if they were fellow prisoners, or if they were out in the field with me when all of this started, but I did know them from somewhere. It was a man with a teenage son. When I found them they were outside, in an area that was grassy and green, but there was also a tall rock wall that enclosed a garden or something else.

When I found them I wanted to ask what they knew, then I became suspicious that they were free like this. They were about to eat and drink some stuff that was left out on a table in the open, and I asked, “Aren’t you concerned about eating and drinking that? How do you know it’s not poisoned?”

Just after I said that, the poop began hitting the fan, and we were quickly under siege. I didn’t have time to figure out whether they were traitors to me or just did something stupid, but I jumped once to a place in the same area to see if I could see what was happening, but then I quickly fell under attack again, and this time when I jumped I did it so hard that I immediately woke up in bed with my eyes wide open.

I didn’t intend to wake up, I was still trying to understand what was happening, but when I jumped that last time there was a distinctive “popping” noise in my head as I jumped back here.

There were many other things that happened in the dream that I left out to keep this post relatively short, little fact-finding missions that I kept jumping into, but this is the main essence of the dream.

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