When you hear whooshing sounds or feel like you’re being electrocuted when you’re falling asleep

January 17, 2016

Nocturnal tip: If you ever hear strange whooshing or sucking sounds as you’re falling asleep, or feel as though your body is being electrified, don’t fight it, just go along with it, you’re about to have a lot of fun, a trip that would make LSD envious.

Last night, some time before 2:30am, I started feeling the old familiar feelings and thought, “Cool, two nights in a row, I wasn’t expecting this.” And then within a few moments I was in some completely different reality, another apartment I know well.

Some other people were in the apartment, decorating it, like we were getting it ready for a party. This apartment has a lot of windows, and it’s fairly high up from what I can tell looking out the windows. It was dark outside, but there were other buildings around, so I assume this is in a city of some sort. I didn’t have any immediate flashback memories of living there, I just knew this was my apartment.

It was dark outside so we had lights on inside, and the people here had set up a lot of glass hanging in the kitchen, and the reflection of all the light really blew me away. I complimented them on how much larger and brighter it all made the kitchen feel.

Light switches

My body here was very tired, so even though I “beamed” directly into this other existence and immediately knew that I was still in bed while this was happening, I eventually became tired there and forgot that this was all some sort of lucid dream or vision, and it started to morph into a dream-only experience.

But then, perhaps by chance, I went to turn on some lights with some light switches on a wall, and when they didn’t work I became suspicious and thought, “Wait, wait, this is a dream, isn’t it?” I don’t know why light switches don’t work in dreams (at least for me), but at this point I woke up (gained awareness) in the dream, and looked at my right hand. As I counted my fingers there were five, no, wait, six fingers. Yes, I am asleep.

For quite some time after this I knew that I was asleep, and that I could instantly wake up in my bed if I wanted to, but this was fun. I loved the apartment, and everything that was going on was really fascinating.

Two friends showed up

People had been coming and going in the apartment for quite some time, generally setting more things up and moving things around, and I didn’t notice it, but at some point two friends appeared, Bill, and Jason. By this time I was starting to lose my realization that this was a dream a little bit, but when I noticed that they thought everything was incredible, I told them to look at their hands and count their fingers.

Jason did this and quickly became excited. He noted that there were six, no eight fingers, then he said “eighteen” before he became kind of delirious with this new insight. Bill also looked at his hands, but didn’t say much. He started off by saying he had six fingers, and then he became kind of transfixed or mesmerized by the entire experience.

Back at the ranch

At this point something became wrong with my body back in the bed and I knew I had to leave this place. I took a last, quick look around, then opened my eyes in my bed. One of my arms had become very uncomfortable. I got up and looked at a clock, and this was at exactly 2:30am. I was wide awake and well-rested at this point. I sat up and read a book for a little while before deciding that I should try to get back to sleep, as I didn’t want to mess up my sleep schedule in the long term. Eventually I fell back to sleep, but the rest of the night was just normal dreaming.

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