Premonitions, choice, and free will

January 19, 2016

Had dreams with Jason H. in them the last two nights. Both times I woke up and thought it was weird, and after counting back, I realized that I haven't seen him in nine years.

Today I debated about going to the grocery store or not, and after some debate I finally decided to go. Once there I walked around a corner and coming around the corner in the other direction was not Jason H., but someone who could easily be mistaken for him, or his twin brother, at least as I knew him nine years ago. (His doppelganger.)

After the first 50 or 100 coincidences you start to wonder about things. For instance, in this case, if the dream is related to the encounter, did I really have a choice about going to the grocery store? Or was I always going to the grocery store and I just didn’t know it? And did I have to debate about going or not going for just the right length of time (and talk on the phone for a bit) so we would both be at that corner at that exact moment? Or could I have not gone to the grocery and then wondered why I had those dreams?

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