Buenos dias

January 20, 2016

I had a dream this morning that was entirely in Spanish. I could make out some of it, but in general I couldn’t understand much of it at all. Some of it had to do with cooking, something about tortillas. I think I had been making them too thick or too thin, but really, I have no idea what the exact problem was. The whole experience felt like I had put on a Spanish television station by accident, and then my remote died and I couldn’t change the channel.

I don’t know where this came from, but either yesterday morning or the morning before (I don’t remember), I came across a Hispanic woman in a hallway where I live. We were walking in the same direction, and she slowed down as she was walking. I didn’t know if I should interpret that as she wanted me to pass her, or what, but I had seen her before, and she often wears the same jacket, and I wanted to ask her about it. As I passed her I turned and asked her about it, and in broken language she told me she didn’t speak much English.

Other than that meeting, I have no idea where this dream might have come from.

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