January 21, 2016

After seeing the image several paragraphs below I began wondering: Maybe my Future Self knows that I was too weak mentally to resist certain things, including pretty much anything made with sugar and chocolate; margaritas; and sex. The Future Self, being some sort of altruistic being, has allowed its Past Self to indulge in all of these things until at some point in time — now — the Current Self has exactly two choices; there is no more middle ground.

Choice Number One is that the Current Self continues to live as it has, at which point this physical body will soon cease to exist. The kidneys, liver, and prostate will make sure of that.

Choice Number Two is what the Future Self is counting on: the Current Self makes a conscious choice to eat better and live smarter: only eat healthy food, don’t drink alcohol, and refrain from sexual activity.

This is where the Future Self has the Current Self where it wants it. It knows that the Current Self will choose life, but what the Current Self doesn’t know until a certain point in this process (now) is that by living a halthy lifestyle, all of the nocturnal “special effects” that the Past Self has managed to avoid all these years can no longer be avoided. To be slightly more clear, in past times when the moment became too much for the Past Self, the Past Self did things like drink alcohol to dull the senses; this kept the Past Self from having OBEs and other things happen at night, such as seeing precognitive events he couldn’t control, such as seeing friends and relatives die. But now that the Current Self has made the choice to not die and to take better care of this physical body, all of the nocturnal activities have come back as strong as ever.

Furthermore, now that the Current Self has no choice but to face these special effects every night (without the ability to escape them by dulling the senses), well ... the Current Self doesn’t know the end of that sentence, does it?

Your future self is watching you right now

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