We are spiritual beings having a human experience

February 9, 2016

Like many other people I consider myself to be spiritual, but not religious. I had my first two out of body experiences (OBEs) when I was 16 years old, and have probably had more than 200 other OBEs since then, so truly believing in this image is pretty easy for me:

We are spiritual beings having a human experience

I was also fortunate enough to go on a week-long yoga retreat several years ago, and by the end of the retreat I truly felt like a soul or spirit that just happens to be in this body at this time.

The thing I want to note today is that when you really know this, it changes every important decision you have here on Earth.


An example of this for me right now is that several people I know either need money or could really use some money. As a result of feeling like “a spiritual being having a human existence,” it’s easy for me to tell them, “Hey, I have a little extra money, I can help you.” In different instances I have given people the money without asking for it to be paid back, and in other cases I’ve given people the money and just asked them to pay me back when they can.

Because I do feel like a spirit/soul having this human experience, it’s easy to do this for friends. I didn’t have much money twenty years ago, but even with the OBEs I don’t think the person I was would have done this for people. Of course there are a few people that I like, and I would have done this for them, but I wouldn’t have done it for many people.


Another situation this can change for people — mostly men, I assume — is that you don’t have much pressure on relationships here. For instance, if you happen to be a single guy and you meet a woman you really like, it’s easy to feel pressure, like, “Hey, I really like this girl, maybe I should ask her out.” That’s the way you feel if you feel that you are just a human being. But if you feel like you are a spiritual being having a relatively short, human existence there isn’t any pressure here.

It’s a little like life here on Earth is like playing a video game, and your avatar just met another spirit’s avatar. So your avatars meet, you like the other one and you play this video game of life for a while, but it doesn’t have to be more than that. You can like and respect the other avatar, but there doesn’t have to be this feeling of, “We should mate and live together and have some offspring.”

I can’t seem to do this feeling justice tonight, but it’s more of a feeling of, “You seem to have an interesting soul, I hope our souls can get together after this Earthly experience, wherever that may be.” But again, that doesn’t really do the feeling much justice.

Life and death

The biggest effect of feeling like a soul having a temporary existence here on Earth is that death is irrelevant. Again, if the body sitting here typing this is just my soul’s avatar, is it a big problem when this body/avatar ceases to function? If you (as your avatar) leads a good life here on Earth, other avatars that know yours will certainly miss your avatar, but those who know that we are all souls having a temporary human experience can have confidence in the afterlife, and know that our souls can meet again.

Again I feel like I’m not explaining this very well, but having had several experiences where I passed out — and thought I might be dying — there isn’t any fear of death.

All of these OBEs help with this, I’m sure. Once you have an OBE where your soul is in the same room with its physical body — and your soul hears your body snoring, for instance — it’s easy to have comfort with the death of the physical body.

Now, what happens after death, I don’t know that yet, but if I have enough time here I’ll try to figure that out and let you know. I do know that some Buddhists, especially Tibetan Buddhists, believe that our souls are reincarnated because we have lessons to learn here on Earth. Their philosophy is that if you live a good life in this lifetime, you’ll be born in a better situation in your next lifetime, meaning that you will be another step closer to enlightenment.

I can neither confirm nor deny that, but I appreciate the philosophy, and it gives me motivation to be a better avatar. :)

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