“Woe is me” in the family tree

February 14, 2016

During a phone call this morning I was reminded that there is a lot of “woe is me” in my family tree, especially in my dad’s side of the family. My dad was like that, and as much as I love his mother, she could be like that. My sisters are also like that.

I am sure that I am like that, too, though I hope that in my own case I’m more conscious of it than ever. I know that I have written a lot about my health in the last few years, and that can be interpreted as “woe is me,” but the reality of my statements is that (a) they are backed up by medical tests, and (b) I am writing the notes here for my own edification, so that I can look back at them and say, “Well, you couldn’t possibly have had an OBE during this time because you had digestive issues that would have caused too much pain for you to relax completely,” and so on.

Maybe all people and families have this woe is me “I’m going to exaggerate about my situation and complain, but do nothing about it” complex, but I see it very clearly in my dad’s side of the family. My mother isn’t really like that, so maybe that’s why it stands out so much for other family members I see.

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