The dream body falls asleep in the same orientation as the physical body

March 11, 2016

A few nights ago I confirmed my suspicions about something. What happened was that my back was hurting, so I slept for a while on my front side (abdomen), with my head face down on the side of a pillow. Then, I was able to stay mentally awake for a while as my physical body was asleep. After a while I couldn’t stay awake any more, and as I lost control in the dream state, I fell asleep face down. I didn’t write that well, but basically my dream body fell asleep in the same orientation as my physical body in bed.

I’ve noticed this several times before, but always when I was laying on my side, or on my back. When I lost consciousness/awareness in the dream state this time and “fell asleep” face down it hit me that there is a real connection between the orientation of the physical body and the orientation of the “dream body” in the dream state, a real confirmation.

I’ve known for a long time that there are other connections between the dream state and the physical body. As one example, whenever the bladder of the physical body gets full, I start dreaming about having to find a bathroom, or I do find a bathroom but I’m unable to urinate (fortunately), I’m always interrupted.

There is also a reverse-connection of sorts. Back on July 9, 2007, I wrote about a psychic attack that felt like an octopus on my back. I wrote that the “attack” wasn’t necessarily an evil thing, but for a long time after I woke up I could feel where the tentacles had touched my back and arms.

One thing I will say is that when my physical body feels good, and it’s loose, such as stretching from yoga, I don’t feel it at all in the dream state. It doesn’t hinder me in any way that I’m aware of. But this recent experience was a real confirmation about the sleeping part, that when the dream body starts to fall asleep it seems to fall asleep in the same orientation as the physical body.

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