I don't know who or where I am

March 31, 2016

I had the day off today and decided to turn off the alarm and wake up “whenever.” This morning, after a long series of dreams related to other places I know in the Dream World, I started waking up in my bed. The only problem with that is that I didn’t know where my bed is. A little worse than that was that I didn’t know who I am.

I closed my eyes and tried to remember who I am and where I am. I was still groggy though, and I kept going back to the Dream World and thinking that’s where I belong. So I opened my eyes and looked around and tried to force myself to remember who and where I am. That didn’t help much. I figured I lived in an apartment or condo, but I couldn’t think of where my front door was, where I parked my car, or even what state or country I lived in.

I finally got out of bed and looked out a window, and after a few moments everything started to come back to me.

After that, it took at least an hour for all of the Dream World memories to fade into the background. I remembered Christmas gifts, On The Border gift cards, a Mexican man, my youngest sister. Riding a motorcycle, and pulling over to look at my phone to see what the traffic in the city looked like before I started riding into the city. Sharing my phone with another young biker who had the same concerns.

Walking out the front of a restaurant and into the lobby of a building the size of a shopping mall. A woman who followed me briefly. I turned left, knew I was on the second floor, and thought my residence was there. I thought how cool it was to live in the same building where there were restaurants like this. I could have a margarita or two and then just walk back to my condo. Then, after poking my head into a few rooms, realizing that I didn’t live on this floor. Maybe I live on the third floor? I walked around the corner to an elevator, and ran into Phillip Seymour Hoffman outside the elevator. How strange, what’s he doing here?

Later, at a familiar house, old friends, but it didn’t end well. There was water everywhere, in the house, around the house.

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