What is love?

April 3, 2016

I think the world is about to become a very interesting place for humanity. The basic storyline goes like this:

You go out one night, and you meet a person you really like. They’re physically attractive to you, they like your jokes, you like their jokes, they’re as smart or smarter than you are, they’re witty. Everything about them is perfect.

Over time the meeting turns out to be a life-changing event: You find that you love this person. You want to be married to them, have children with them, raise a family, watch the kids grow up in your house, you want to grow old together, and so on. You can easily picture the perfect life.

Then one morning you wake up a little bit too early and you find your “soulmate” plugged into the electric socket in the garage next to your Tesla. It turns out they’re not human, they’re a robot, an android.

You had no idea.

Your mind is blown.

Your whole world is shattered.

You felt more in love with someone than you have ever been in love with anything in your entire life, you were ready to commit the entire rest of your life to them, and it turns out that you fell in love with a product designed by Apple (or Microsoft, or Google).

At some point you realize that you fell in love with hardware — the other person’s body, and software — the other person’s mind and personality.

Where of course “person” is a key word here. It turns out that what you “loved” was just hardware and software that was designed and programmed to match your desires.

So you tell me, you’re sitting there watching your “loved one” being reenergized by your local power company — What is love?




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