Flu, hospital, brother in law

April 8, 2016

A few notes from the last few days.


I started having a severe cold or flu Saturday evening when my sinuses started to run a little, then a lot. I’m still sick today (Thursday), but hopefully Monday through Wednesday were the peak days.

Hospital dream

More importantly to me, some interesting dreams came back today over the last 24 hours. In the first part of a dream this afternoon I was with a doctor or nurse, who asked if I had experienced something recently, and I said, “Oh, yes.” That led to a meeting with a large number of doctors and nurses to get them all together at once to discuss my case. Unfortunately I lost consciousness during this time.

Dream of brother-in-law and computers

Before describing what happened next, I need to note that I haven’t spoken to my oldest sister in a few months after a disagreement about how to handle some issues with my mother’s care. I have been working hard on “forgiveness” lately, reading books like Love Everyone and Polishing the Mirror, looking for inspiration, and finding some. I also need to note that I just bought a new computer.

Getting to the dream, it starts with two of my computers being stolen, and for some reason they are taken by my oldest sister’s husband. In the waking world this would make no sense, but in the dream state this happened, and I also reacted without any filters, which is to say poorly. I flew off the handle, and without any control at all I pursued her husband to confront him and get my computers back.

As I was going through all of this — being wild and out of control in my pursuit of him — a woman from the previous hospital dream was suddenly with me. Her words startled me. She said something like, “I’m disappointed, I thought you were someone else.”

I wish I had been more conscious, because that might have stopped me cold in my tracks and made me realize how I was acting, but sadly, all they did was slow me down a little. My ego, and its built-in fear of losing my computers, remained in control.

Other recent dreams

In other recent dreams, Guns n’ Roses had a new song out. It started just like Paradise City, and all I can remember of the later lyrics are:

There’s no nevermore
To introduce you for

Writing this almost a day after that dream, I have no idea what that means, but it sounded great at the time.

In another dream that happened around that same time, I have these notes: Stephen Davis singing about the rose, said it was about Jesus; a runaway sheepdog, “hopping” down the road towards my car; someone on a horse going as fast as possible, coming straight at my car, maybe chasing the sheepdog. I woke up suddenly as the horse seemed like it was going to run me over. I remember that the sheepdog and horse happened after I turned left out of a shopping mall parking lot, onto a street, and pulled up to a red traffic light.

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