Two in a million

May 21, 2016

Doctors have been narrowing down on the health problem(s) that landed me in the hospital so many times last year. A recent series of tests indicates that I have a rare disease/illness that affects only two people out of every one million. Since there are less than 300,000 people in the area I live in, the odds are that I’m the only person in this area to have this illness, which is probably part of the reason it has taken so long to find the problem.

These odds made me wonder if this is the same ratio of people who have out of body experiences (OBEs), or at least have OBEs on a regular basis. If the current diagnosis turns out to be correct, I’m thinking about reaching out to other people who have this, or have had this, to see if they have had OBEs. I know that sounds weird, but I’ve met so many people who have not had OBEs that I wonder how many other people there are out there who are like me, genetically able to do this for some reason.

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