Quality time with dad

June 6, 2016

This past Thursday night (June 2, 2016), I had my first “awake while asleep” experience in a while. I was laying in bed, then my body fell asleep, and very quickly someone walked in the room and sat down on the bed. Many years ago I went through something like this and immediately freaked out and woke myself up, but for some reason this time I didn’t panic and just went along with it, possibly because I’m confident that nobody in the physical world can easily get into my apartment.

The visitor ended up being my dad, who has been dead for over twenty years now. We talked about some things, some of which I remember, most of which I don’t. Then I asked him something like, “So where are you now?” I didn’t mean the question in a heaven or hell type of thing, but just, “Hey, if you’re a soul and you’re visiting me at this moment, well, what exactly does a soul do? Where do you reside when you’re not visiting me?”

When I asked this, dad had a sheepish, disappointed look on his face, and turned away from me. Then a second person appeared. I didn’t see the body, but the face was of a young woman. She had dark skin, many freckles on her nose, and an upside-down “c” shape scar or birthmark on her left cheek. It wasn’t a horrible scar, just a little thing that I noticed. I believe that she said that she lived in St. Petersburg, Florida. My dad died in Florida.

At this point I started waking up, so I told them, “I have to leave, I’m waking up,” but it happened so fast that this scene ended and I woke up in my bed.

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