An affair to remember

June 7, 2016

About eight years ago I met a woman at a party, and we hit it off right away. But as fate would have it, she arrived at the party late, I had to leave early, and we didn’t live anywhere near each other, so I left it as, “I really like her, that was a fun encounter, but I don’t see how that could ever work out.”

A few years later we met again under similar circumstances: another small party, I was leaving early because I was exhausted from recent travel, and she arrived late. I didn’t know she would be there, and I don’t think she knew I would be there. So we said hello and goodbye very quickly.

Finally we had a third meeting at yet another party. This time we were both there on time, and from the first moment on we chatted like the best of friends. I was happy to know that we got on the way I always imagined we might. There was only one problem: she was married now.

Things got a little awkward when her husband showed up, but I thought, “Fuck it, I’m surely never going to see her again, let’s just enjoy this time right now. I won’t hit on her or try to have sex in a bathroom, car, or closet, but I’ll chat her up as much as she wants.” And so we talked most of the evening, sometimes with her husband present, sometimes without him, and it was fun.

This will go down as another one of those encounters in life where you meet someone and from the very first instant it’s like you know each other, and you’re completely comfortable with each other, but alas, the relationship won’t be consummated in a sexual way.

I’m okay with that. There are definitely times that I feel like David Banner in the old Incredible Hulk tv series, going from one place to another, popping into people’s lives and then disappearing, and sometimes having encounters like this. That’s okay, I don’t know how else to do what it is that I’m trying to do. But for some reason — I don’t know why — I’m thinking of this woman tonight.

This following link isn’t really how I feel tonight, but this story does make me think of this Lover of Darkness poem titled, “The Imposter.”

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