Bubbly coincidence?

June 14, 2016

Here’s a strange coincidence for you: The night before last, I’m in a dream, doing stuff in the kitchen, and when I open one of the countertop doors, I notice that all of the glasses are filled with a slightly opaque but mostly clear liquid that has bubbles or foam on the top. I assume that they are all filled with soapy water, and I wonder why.

Then yesterday I decide to go shopping, and further decide to go shopping at Whole Foods for the first time in two or three months. When I get there I see that they have a display full of lime juice at the front entrance, and after saying yes and no in my mind a few times, I decide to buy a bottle of it.

When I come home, I put a little lime juice in a glass, squeeze in some juice from a fresh lemon, mostly fill the glass with water, then pour in a little bit of Diet 7-Up to give it some pizzazz. Everything in the glass proceeds to mix together, and when it’s done it creates exactly what I saw in my dream during the night: A glass filled with a slightly opaque but mostly clear liquid with a lot of foam on the top. And I mean it looks exactly like the dream.

So I ask you, did the dream foretell of the drink? Did I somehow know in the dream state that I would go to Whole Foods for the first time in months, and that they would have lime juice on display, and I would buy that lime juice, and mix it with all of these other ingredients that would lead to this foamy-topped drink? Or, once I had the lime juice, did the dream subconsciously cause me to makea drink that would look like the opaque fluid in my dream?

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