An OBE right after laying down (and many more notes)

June 14, 2016

Last night was the first night in a very long time that I had an OBE straight from the waking state. By that I mean that I laid in bed and was still awake when the OBE started. Lately most OBEs spawn out of lucid dreams, and for whatever reason they are more difficult to control.

The only problem with this one was that I got too excited about it, and screwed it up. I had a very quick little vibration thing, then thought the astral body was separated from the physical body, tried to do a log roll, and tried to do that too forcefully, messed everything up, and woke up. I hoped that I would get a second shot at an OBE last night, but I never did.

Later that evening

Much later in the evening I was in a lucid dream, then my “body” in the dream started floating up. Then it got pulled around by some external force, and I had the feeling this was not going to end well for me. The external force eventually threw my body to the ground, where I landed on my hands and knees in front of someone sitting in a chair.

This person/entity seemed to be trying to tell me that I was doing something bad, or wasting my time and its time, but two other things happened simultaneously. One was that I noticed there was a Christmas tree in the room. This made me think that this was the second time in three nights that my dreams seem to be taking place in the winter, when in fact it’s June.

The second thing that happened was that I was being pulled away from this scene by something else. I wanted to stay here because even though this entity seemed very strict, I didn’t think it was trying to hurt me that much, and I wanted to hear it out. But I was pulled away by the other scene.

In the other scene I was a doctor, and a woman with a young daughter came to see me about something that was wrong with the girl’s foot. There was more going on in this scene than that, including having an older doctor around, and another young man who wanted to be a doctor, but that’s all I’ll note here.

Later in the morning I still wanted to get back to the entity that threw me around like a rag doll, but I was unable to do so.


Over the last week or two I have been pounding away on listening to the Monroe/Hemi-Sync recordings, mostly the Meditation, Freeflow (Gateway #6), and Gateway #1 recordings. I’ve even been driving around with earbuds in my ears playing these recordings as I drive. Honestly, my motivation has been that if this illness is going to kill me, I want to be as prepared as I can be, and if it doesn’t kill me, I want to have as many lucid dreams and OBEs as I can. So what you will, but like deadlines at work, impending death is a great motivator.

Notes from the past few days

Here are a few more cryptic notes from dreams of the last few days. First, there was a dream about doing some TK/PK stuff, and as I was going through the process I thought it would make a good tv series or movie:

Then this dream happened two or three nights ago, and it had to do with me being in a hospital. This was the other dream that happened in June but the weather was from the winter:

Nighttime preparations

Besides listening to the Monroe recordings, the other thing I have been doing will lately is taking the time to calm down before going to bed. The typical process has been that I listen to one of the recordings while meditating in my recliner. Sometimes I just try to meditate, other times I’ll go along with a recording like Gateway #1 and try to do that while sitting in the chair, rather than while laying down.

I suspect that taking this time to have a cool-down period before getting in bed has helped as much as anything. Even though it’s a small sample size, I know that when I take the time for this, my chances of having lucid dreams and OBEs is much greater.

(I should also note that I’ve been careful not to eat too much at night, I have had very little alcohol of late, and I’m consciously trying to consume less caffeine. Some nights I still end up very tired from the illness and I know nothing will happen, but other nights like last night, this leaves me well prep’d to have something happen.)

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