If you need to use KY Jelly when making love, the relationship is over

June 26, 2016

Tequila here. Monk wasn’t going to let me write this, but after several events this morning he decided to let me write it.

So, here’s the thought: “If you’re making love to a woman and she needs to use KY Jelly, the relationship is over.”

(The sexual part, anyway.)

I (Tequila) was just going to let that go as a random thought that crossed my mind when I saw a tube of KY Jelly on the floor in a store, but then this morning I came across several references related to this.

One reference was in the movie Serendipity. There were a few others, and then finally the song Feelin’ Love by Paula Cole came on, and Monk finally gave me the keyboard. (“The Amazon’s running between my thighs” was the line that got me the keyboard.)

Here’s Paula Cole:

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