“It was God’s will”

July 16, 2016

In case it’s not clear from the rest of this blog post, I hate the phrase, “It was God’s will that <fill in the blank>.” My grandmother used to say that when I was young and I hated it then, and now my three sisters say it and it pisses me off even more.

In a first case, my youngest sister married a skank of a guy who turned out to be a gambling addict, may have been an alcoholic, and did nothing to help raise his children. Then he left the family bankrupt, meaning that my sister wouldn’t even be able to rent a house or apartment on her own. So I co-signed on a house rental with her, at which point she said something like, “Thank God ... it was God’s will that I was able to rent this house.” I didn’t say anything then, but I thought, “Fuck God’s will, it was me co-signing on the agreement that enabled you to live there.”

More recently, Sister #2 and her husband decided that they would finally move to Arizona, but to do so they need at least $10,000 from me. So I gave them $10,000 so they could buy the house (and I suspect that they’re going to need more money as time goes on). After this that sister has repeatedly said thank you, which I appreciate, but then this morning my oldest sister wrote today and said she thought it was God’s will that they were finally able to move to Arizona. If and when I finally calm down I’m going to write her back and tell her that it wasn’t God’s fucking will that helped them move, it was them saving up their money so they could almost afford to move, and then me pitching in $10,000 to make the deal happen. (And them wanting to move badly enough that they were willing to ask me for the money.)

So, if you ever want to piss me off, all you ever have to do is say, “It was God’s will that <fill in the blank>.” I don’t believe God makes things happen, people do. Take some fucking responsibility for your life, don’t abdicate it all to “God’s will.” As the saying goes, “Deeds, not words.”

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