August 2, 2016

Sometimes, and I have no idea why, I have out of the body experiences at times I would never expect them. For instance, one time I was in Texas, got really drunk, and during the middle of the night, and Bam! — I was flying around the room without my body.

But experiences like that are the exception to the rule. The way it usually works is this:

I learned this from my own experiences long before I knew any details about Robert Monroe, meditation, and yoga, but Mr. Monroe really captures what you need in his phrase, “Body asleep, mind awake.” Through years of experience I have found this to be THE main requirement of astral projection, and it’s neat to see that people who teach meditation and yoga also strive for the same state.

Followup note: My assertion that the astral body (energy body) is 1,000 times more delicate than the physical body is confirmed by an internationally respected and best-selling Tibetan lama author in the book Good Life, Good Death.

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